Here’s the Skinny on Why Breast Augmentation is Better Than Ever at ROXY Plastic Surgery

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August 2, 2019
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October 14, 2019
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Here’s the Skinny on Why Breast Augmentation is Better Than Ever at ROXY Plastic Surgery

Dr. Grawe of ROXY Plastic Surgery shares why breast augmentation is now better than ever

From post-pregnancy weight loss to correcting asymmetrical breasts, there are many reasons why women opt to undergo a breast augmentation. And listen to this FOXIES: with today’s advancements in surgical techniques and implant options, there’s never been a better time to reclaim your confidence and give your girls a little makeover. 

While there’s a bunch of factors that ultimately impact getting killer results, there are three main reasons why breast augmentation surgery has become easier than ever.

New Options: Breast Implants in Columbus OH

While silicone and saline still reign supreme as the two primary types of implants you can choose from, women now have newer options to select from. The “gummy bear” implant, for example, is shaped like a teardrop and closely mimics the shape of your natural breasts. Looking to flaunt a more voluptuous look? Then round implants may be more your speed, as they provide a fuller, more projected appearance than shaped implants. 

Another cutting-edge option on the market is HSC, or high-strength cohesive, silicone gel implants. It’s known for holding its shape while remaining soft to the touch. This gives you a more natural look and feel to your breast implants. The bottom line? There’s now a variety of options available when it comes to customizing your breast augmentation procedure – whether you’re looking to amplify your FOXY curves or simply regain some volume after pregnancy or weight loss. 

Check out more photos in our gallery here and schedule your consult today!

Improved Breast Enhancement Techniques

During your consultation in our Columbus office, Dr. Roxanne Grawe will discuss the various surgical techniques that can be used to deliver impeccable results. She’ll use her artistic vision and expertise to help you determine the best implant placement and incision type to fit your desired aesthetic. 

One method that’s grown in popularity in recent years is a fat transfer breast augmentation, which is ideal for women who are looking for some extra oomph without implants. The fat transfer procedure collects excess fat from problem areas, such as your abdomen, thighs, or hips, using liposuction. The fat is then carefully injected into your breasts to give you volume without scarring. 

Did She or Didn’t She?

Listen up ladies: the au naturel look is in! Years ago, breast implants were for those who craved the in-your-face boob-tastic appearance. Today, however, there’s been a heavy emphasis on improving asymmetry and breast volume in a more subtle, natural fashion. Thanks to advancements in technology and surgical procedures, you can now undergo a breast augmentation and keep it on the down-low. But, hey, if you’re the type of girl who wants to show off your newly enhanced girls to the world, we salute you!

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