The Fountain of Youth

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January 17, 2015
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February 12, 2015
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The Fountain of Youth

All women (and men for that matter) are on the quest for the fountain of youth. We stare in the mirror at those wrinkles between our eyebrows…. We pull up our skin around our mouth over and over hoping it will magically defy gravity… and we remember the days when our skin was brown-spot free and our bodies were tight and perky…. Ah, if we could just drink from the fountain.

Well, we can – we found it! All you have to do it put it on your face nightly – it’s Retinol.

We have been afraid of it because we think of lobster-red skin and flakey complexions, not wanting to go through “that phase”. But new versions of Retinol do not have those reactions and work wonders on your skin without anyone else knowing. Research in the past 30 years has shown that Retinol repairs most ALL skin concerns: acne, wrinkles, rough skin, and discoloration, even decreasing your risk of skin cancer – truly a fountain of youth.

We have seen that on a microscopic level, it is changing skin to look younger. The cells actually look like cells of someone 10 years younger – this is a true change in your skin. It also helps you heal faster because your skin turns over quicker (sloughs off the piles of dead skin cells), leading to a more brilliant complexion and better results with treatments such as BBL for brown spots or laser resurfacing peels.

Dr. Grawe warns to beware of over-the-counter Retinols as they do not have the technology to get down deep into your skin or the strength to make the changes that are shown in the research. “You might as well squirt the lotion on your bathroom counter” she says. Medical grade Retinols make a difference you can see – people will ask you what you are doing different… and you can tell them, you found the Fountain of Youth!

Brotox: Botox® for the Modern Male on the Rise

For those of you who can’t commit to an involved skin-care program. Retinol at night and sunscreen in the morning is the basic regimen you need to make big changes in your skin quickly.

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