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Summer Skincare in Columbus Ohio

ROXY Plastic Surgery Summer Skincare

Surviving the summer’s heat, humidity and harmful UV rays is more than just applying your SPF every 80-90 minutes – which I know you all already knew, right? Every 90 minutes! Recently, I had someone tell me her sunscreen didn’t work. She applied it once in the early morning and that was it. She was then surprised when she went to bed that night with a sunburn.

So here is the scoop on surviving the summer that we all need to consider before the UVA/UVB rays hit:

1. Think Shot Glass – This is how much sunscreen you need to cover your entire body. Almost 50% of people do not put on enough sunscreen to provide adequate protection. Now you just need to reapply within 2 hours of your first application! Obagi SPF Matte 50 is lightweight and non-comedogenic, which is great for your face and body.

2. Remember your Lips – Your lips need SPF just like your skin! Jane Iredale’s Lip Drink provides SPF with also a pop of color!

3. UVA vs. UVB – Think UVA rays as aging rays; UVB rays as burning rays. You need a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against both. UVA rays can even penetrate window glass, causing wrinkles and age spots. For those whose damage has already been done, a series of BBL (broad band light) treatments or a deep chemical peel can eliminate those brown spots.

4. Be Bikini Ready – It’s time to stop fussing with that razor and start thinking about laser hair removal. Just think how much extra time you would have if you didn’t have to shave this summer season?!

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5. Get Your Glow On – What if you could start buying makeup that was beautifying and good for your skin? ROXY Plastic Surgery is now carrying Jane Iredale makeup for all your summer bronzing needs. Stop in for a consultation to be color matched with your exact shade!

6. O-Shot! – Kick up the summer heat with the new and exciting O-shot now being offered at ROXY. The O-shot is two injections of PRP, platelet rich plasma, which has the ability to rejuvenate vaginal tissue. Not only does this help with urinary incontinence, it can also give that romantic summer getaway trip the extra boost it needs!

Call ROXY Plastic Surgery at 614-764-7699 to set up your consultation today for your skincare needs or schedule a consultation here!


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