6 Hair Transplant Myths Solved

Choosing to get a hair transplant is a big decision that many men and women face. If you are looking to fix thinning hair or hide any bald spots or scars, it’s important that you find a plastic surgeon that will provide the results you want.

In this eBook, Dr. Grawe addresses some common myths surrounding hair transplant procedures including overall cost, the difference between a neograft transplant and scalp micropigmentation and how hair transplants can bring you a natural looking full head of hair.

This eBook will help you fall in love with your hair once again. Aspire to feel confident in your skin!


Hair Transplant Myths ebook

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Having a full head of hair gives you confidence and improves your image. As you lose your hair, you may suffer from lack of self-confidence and even be perceived differently. Thick hair is often associated with personality qualities such as being assertive, sexy, successful, and likeable whereas psychology studies have shown that balding is associated with the opposite. At ROXY Plastic Surgery, we can reverse hair loss with scar-less hair transplantation!

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Consultation and Planning

When you come to a consultation at ROXY Plastic Surgery, we will assess your hair loss pattern to determine if you are a good candidate for hair transplantation. You will learn about the procedure and look at before and after pictures of others who have had hair transplantation. We will also discuss non-surgical options such as PRP (plasma rich protein) treatments and Scalp Micropigmentation (tattooing) for hair restoration.

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The Procedure

Neograft hair transplantation provides scar-free harvest with state of the art Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). On the day of the procedure, you may eat and drink normally. You will need a ride to and from the office and you will take a relaxation medication when you arrive. Your scalp will be numbed up with long acting numbing mediation and the grafts will be harvested while you lay in our spa bed. You with then have a short break to eat your lunch. You will then sit up and watch TV or your tablet while the grafts are placed in the area of balding. You will be wrapped in a bandage to go home with.



You should sleep in a reclined position for the first couple nights and you will be given pain medication for swelling and discomfort.

You should limit your activity for about 3 days after your procedure. You should eat a healthy diet and as much protein as possible to promote good healing.

You may drive and return to work when you are no long taking prescription pain medicine. You may wear a light baseball hat when you are in public if needed for the first couple weeks.

Your hair will grow in over the next 3 months. You will then have a short period of time when the hair falls out and has to permanently regrow which can be 6-9 months before your final result.

Remember that everyone is different. Recovery times and progression is not the same for everyone. The times stated are typical for healthy individuals healing from this surgery. The normal progression of healing may be different for those with health problems, smokers, and those who have unforeseen complications after surgery.



After hair restoration, you will have a new confidence about what you look like and the impression you make. You won’t have any visible scar so your result will look very natural. It will be great to love what you see in the mirror! Individual results may vary.

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Meet our Hair Transplant Team:

Dr. Grawe and Patrece, our Lead Hair Technician, work together to make sure your experience is comfortable and easy while your results are great and natural. This team pays attention to detail in hairline design and no-scar harvest. We are proud to provide great customer service and excellent results!

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With every procedure there are risks involved including bleeding, infection, scarring, delayed healing and need for further surgery.

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