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Like airbrushing your skin, Botox® can temporarily erase the wrinkles on your forehead. No more crow’s feet, or 11 lines between your eyes.

Botox® treatment is an easy procedure have done and you can get them on the same day as your consultation if you are an appropriate candidate. Dr. Grawe will make you feel relaxed as you get your injections which only takes minutes and can be done on your lunch hour.

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Consultation and Planning

When you come to a consultation at ROXY Plastic Surgery, Dr. Grawe will determine if you are a candidate for Botox® treatment. You will discuss how Botox® works and go over which muscles can be relaxed to improve your wrinkles.

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The Procedure

You will be given ice to place over the areas to be treated and your skin is cleaned off with an alcohol preparation pad. Then very small injections are made to deposit the Botox®. The whole process takes only minutes. Afterwards, you will be ready to go on with your day!

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There is no real “down-time” with this type of treatment. You can perform your normal activities the same day. It will take about 72 hours to start working and you will notice your face looking smoother. You will feel a heaviness as your muscles become more sluggish in forming the wrinkles you used to have. People around you will not know what you had done, but they will notice that your skin is smoother and more brilliant appearing!

Remember that everyone is different. Recovery times and progression is not the same for everyone. The times stated are typical for healthy individuals healing from this surgery. The normal progression of healing may be different for those with health problems, smokers, and those who have unforeseen complications after surgery.



Not only does Botox improve the appearance of wrinkles and worry-lines, but it also gives your skin a new glow. You will look bright and brilliant! Individual results may vary.

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With every treatment there are risks involved including bleeding and infection – but these risks are very rare with Botox injections:

Sometimes on side of your face has muscles that are stronger than the other and this can lead to one area being less smooth.  If this happens, you will need an extra injection of botox to even it out.  It is recommended to wait the full 2 weeks until the botox has completely set in.

Botox can move into surrounding muscles in your face.  If it affects the eyelid muscle, your eyelid may slightly droop temporarily.  This rare side-effect does not cause a medical problem and can be reversed with eye drops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Botox®?

Botox is a protein which works to temporarily stop your facial muscles from creating wrinkles in your skin.

Is Botox® safe?

This treatment is extremely safe. There have not been any reported adverse reactions to Botox Cosmetic.

How does Botox® work?

It works by blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles.  This reduces muscle activity that causes wrinkles to form in the skin.

Can anyone have this treatment?

Most people are able to have Botox treatments. You may not have Botox placed if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have an infection in the area to be injected. You should stop any blood thinning medications before your injections if you are able to.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment uses very tiny needles which are virtually painless.  Before the treatment, the area will be numbed with ice.

How long does the treatment last?

Typically, Botox lasts about 3 months. However, the more you maintain your treatment (keep your muscles from moving), the longer it begins to last.

Can the treatment cause any long-term problems?

Only if you think less wrinkles when you are older is a problem!

Where is the procedure performed?

Dr. Grawe will perform the Botox treatment in her office located in Powell, OH, near Columbus.

What is Brilliant Distinctions®?

We participate in the Brilliant Distinctions program by Allergan.  You can sign up on line and then we will apply points to your account for all treatments including Juvederm, Botox, and Latisse.  You will then get coupons placed into your account to use on future purchases!  It is to join.  We can set up your account at your appointment or you can join Brilliant Distinctions here.

Does Dr. Grawe perform nonsurgical square jaw reduction?

Yes, Columbus Plastic Surgeon, Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe can inject Botox into the hypertrophic (enlarged) chewing muscles to create a more oval face for square jaw.  This procedure can be done in the office with no down-time.  Results are seen in about 6 weeks.  Many women enjoy having a slimmer, more feminine face with this procedure.

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