Self-Care Resolutions for the New Year

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Self-Care Resolutions for the New Year

ROXY Plastic Surgery New Years Resolutions

Dr. Grawe and the ROXY Plastic Surgery girls share their self-care resolutions for the new year

One thing we are hearing more and more of from our patients is the importance of self-care. And at ROXY Plastic Surgery, we always focus on making sure you not only look your best, but you FEEL your best as well.

While self-care can be different for everyone, here are some of the top self-care procedures and services we offer to our patients:

Cosmetic Procedures:

Mommy Makeover: After having a baby, many women struggle with their body bouncing back to where it was before.

In fact, many women experience permanent changes such as:

  • Unwanted belly fat
  • Stretch marks
  • Loss of breast fullness
  • Loss of vaginal tightness and moisture

A Mommy Makeover can help you look and feel great on the outside and inside! An internal mommy makeover can help women who are experiencing common vaginal issues after baby.

Breast Augmentation: A breast augmentation can help you feel confident again in your skin and finally give you the breasts you desire.

Dr. Grawe will schedule a consult with you to determine the best shape and size implants for your body. The beginning of the year is a great time to get breast implants so you have plenty of recovery time before spring!

Butt Augmentation: A butt augmentation procedure can give you the buttock size and shape you have always dreamed of.

All of our patients who have come in for a Brazilian Butt Lift have loved their new ROXY rump! Just like a breast augmentation, a butt augmentation can help you feel more comfortable in clothes and give you a rockin’ backside.

Dermaplaning Columbus Ohio [Video]

Med Spa Services:

Microneedling: Self-care for your skin is in, and routine microneedling sessions will keep your skin glowing!

Microneedling (aka a Vampire Facial) is a safe and natural way to enhance your skin’s appearance by using your own blood, which boosts collagen in your face. There is also no risk for any allergic reactions since you aren’t using any fillers or other products!

Botox/Fillers: Reduce wrinkles in the new year with our injectables.

Whether you want to get rid of wrinkles, or get fuller lips or want to eliminate a double chin, getting injectables from our Med Spa can help you get the look you desire with just a few treatment sessions. Make this year the year you finally get that kissable pout!

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Grawe Today

Start the new year off on the right foot! Contact us or call us at 1-614-764-7699 to schedule your consultation with ROXY Plastic Surgery now.

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