School Is Back In Session

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July 18, 2014
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School Is Back In Session

POP QUIZ: What are the top 3 parts of your body that give away your age?


1. Your eyes – Puffy eyes and facial wrinkles make you look tired and either sad or mad.

2. Your hands – Age spots and wrinkles give you away even if your face is in perfect condition

3. Your neck & chest – We often overlook sunscreen here so there is damage galore.

No time for surgery or invasive procedures? No worries – we can have you looking younger with just a trip to the office.

Here’s how:


Botox: A simple injection can reverse aging by smoothing out crow’s feet and raising your eyebrows.

Neotensil: This is an application of medicine which tightens your lower eyelids to give you a mini-eyelid lift without surgery.

Latisse: As we age, our lashes get thinner, lighter, and fall out faster. Latisse is a simple at home application which leads to darker, thicker lashes in just weeks. A perfect frame to your eyes.

Hands, Neck, & Chest:

Broad Band Light (BBL): This laser treatment is done in the office to remove age spots and improve skin tone and texture. You can do your face, hands, and chest. Brighter skin with no down-time.

Tretinoin: Retinol or Retin-A. We use this treatment on our face to reduce the risk of skin cancer and reverse wrinkles. Dr. Grawe believes everyone over 30 years old should be using Tretinoin. Add your hands, neck and chest to your regimen to reverse aging in these give-a-way areas.

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