Recovery Information For Out Of Town Patients

Welcome to The FOXY House

The FOXY House is where ROXY’s FOXIES traveling for plastic surgery go to recover and rejuvenate.


  • Transportation to the FOXY House after surgery
  • Transportation from the FOXY House to the office for post-op appointments.
  • Meals & healthy snacks (gotta get your protein!)
  • Aftercare supplies
  • Companion & care services from a trained nursing team
  • TV’s in all rooms with cable, Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video
  • Free WiFi

Who Stays at the FOXY House?

  • Females only
  • FOXIES looking for extra nursing care and support
  • FOXIES getting longer surgeries*
  • FOXIES getting any length of surgery who want privacy and extra support while recovering!

*Patients are required to stay at the FOXY house for longer surgeries. This ensures a better experience for you and peace of mind for your family as you recover. A stay at the FOXY House decreases anxiety and stress for everyone involved in your recovery, which helps you heal faster with better results!


For privacy reasons, we do not give out the location of the house prior to your stay.

However, our FOXY House is near the office for convenience!