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aka Tummy Tuck. This is a procedure to remove excess skin, fat, and stretch marks from the belly and tighten the abdominal muscles which may be separated from pregnancy or a large weight loss. Abdominoplasty is an outpatient procedure so you may go home the same day.

Breast Augmentation

A procedure to make the breasts larger using breast implants. This is a very common surgery which is outpatient and takes only 1 hour. Dr. Grawe uses the “Flash Recovery” technique seen on The Doctor’s show to make patients very comfortable afterwards. There are two types of breast implants which can be chosen: Silicone or Saline. You may pick where you would like to have your scar – under the fold (IMF scar) or around the areola (periareola scar). You will have full, beautiful breasts which look great directly after surgery! Watch Dr. Grawe’s video about Breast Augmentation for more information about Breast Augmentation at ROXY Plastic Surgery.

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Breast Reduction

A procedure to remove excess breast tissue and also lift the breast. Many women suffer from back pain, neck pain, breast pain, shoulder grooving from bra straps, numbness and tingling in the fingers, and breast rashes. All these symptoms are addressed with a Breast Reduction. There are different types of breast reduction patterns including Wise pattern (Anchor scar) and Vertical (Lollipop scar). Dr. Grawe can tell you which type would be best for you in a personalized consultation.


This is a breast lift which is performed for sagging breasts. When your nipple is low on your breast, you may want to have a breast lift or Mastopexy to move the nipple back to the middle of your breasts. Many patients worry that their nipple is actually taken off and put back on but this is not true! A Mastopexy removes skin and moves the nipple (still attached to the breast tissue) up to the middle of your breasts and gives your breast a round, perky appearance. There are different types of breast lift patterns including Wise pattern (Anchor scar), Vertical (Lollipop scar), and Periareolar (Mini-Mastopexy). Dr. Grawe can tell you which type would be best for you in a personalized consultation.

Mommy Make-Over

Surgery performed to regain a pre-pregnancy body (or better!). This type of surgery can involve multiple different procedures or areas of the body. Most commonly, moms address their: breasts with Mastopexy (breast lift), Breast Augmentation, or Breast Reduction and their abdomens with Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) or Liposuction. Mommy-make-overs can also address arms or legs and hips with Liposuction or facial areas with Facelifts or Filler.

The dark skin around your nipple.

The medical term for excess male breast tissue.

Silicone Implants are used for Breast Augmentation or Breast Enhancement or as Gluteal Implants for Buttock Augmentation.  These implants are very safe and feel most natural.

This is a scar which goes along the bottom of your areola (the dark part around your nipple) for a Breast Augmentation or Gynecomastia surgery or all the way around your areola for a breast lift (Mastopexy).

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