Tips For Out Of Town ROXY Plastic Surgery Patients

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Tips For Out Of Town ROXY Plastic Surgery Patients

ROXY Plastic Surgery Travel Tips For Patients

Dr. Grawe Offers Tips for Patients Who Plan to Travel to ROXY Plastic Surgery for a Cosmetic Procedure

Thanks to social media and the ease of reliable sites such as RealSelf, more patients are taking the time to do their research and selecting the right plastic surgeon for them, even if it means traveling out of town. At ROXY Plastic Surgery, we have patients visit from all over the world so we understand how important it is to be prepared when traveling for a cosmetic procedure.

Here are some plastic surgery travel tips to help make your trip smooth from start to finish:

1. Find a travel buddy: We don’t advise traveling alone for a few reasons. First, recovering from a plastic surgery procedure means that you can’t lift anything over 5 lbs for awhile, so you’ll want someone to help out. Second, after your procedure, you want to have someone to run errands for you including picking up any prescriptions or food you may need. And third, we have found that patients heal faster with someone there to provide moral support.

(Of course, if you just can’t find that perfect travel buddy, we have a list of home healthcare nurses that can act as your travel buddy while you are in town).

2. Make a travel shopping list: After surgery, you’ll need some sanitary items to help with recovery (we give you a detailed list in advance prior to surgery). Most of these items can be picked up once you arrive in town, but we recommend purchasing as much as you can beforehand and packing it with you to save you an extra trip while you are recovering.

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3. Get hydrated: Traveling disrupts your normal routine, which can lead to dehydration. It’s important to be well hydrated before surgery to decrease the risk of dizziness and nausea after anesthesia. We recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water or Gatorade each day for at least 3 days before surgery. This will decrease inflammation after surgery and help with the recovery process.

4. Prevent blood clots: Traveling and surgery both increase the risk of blood clots in your legs. The best way to prevent blood clots is to walk often. By walking, your calf secretes a hormone similar to heparin which can prevent blood clots. When you are not able to walk (airplane or car), pump your foot up and down like you are pushing on the gas pedal – this simulates walking and helps your body to prevent blood clots.

5. Get your protein: Studies show that getting 100 grams of protein per day for 2 weeks before and after surgery can help decrease any surgery risks by up to 40%. Some easy travel-friendly snacks that are packed with protein include raw nuts protein shakes and protein bars. You can even find chips with up to 25g of protein at some health food stores.

6. Be flexible: Your procedure and recovery should be your top priority, so be sure to allow for plenty of time to rest and recover. We also recommend to always be prepared to stay at your surgery destination longer than you initially planned. This is where being flexible is important. You only want to do surgery once and you want to do it right!

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