NeoGraft Hair Restoration

BOTOX and BLING in Columbus Ohio with ROXY Plastic Surgery
April 11, 2015
Hair Loss Solutions at ROXY Plastic Surgery in Columbus Ohio
June 24, 2015
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NeoGraft Hair Restoration

hair transplant in columbus oh

ROXY Plastic Surgery is now offering nonsurgical Hair Restoration with NeoGraft!

Are you starting to notice your receding hairline in pictures? Do you see the back of your husband’s crown thinning out? Maybe it’s time to think about Hair Transplantation at ROXY Plastic Surgery.


This procedure is performed in the office while you watch a movie in our Men’s Room. Your scalp is numbed so there is no pain. We use NeoGraft automatic FUE technique so there is no linear scar at the back of your head. The results are totally natural-looking. Before you know it, you will be looking 10-15 years younger and have a new confidence!

Ask Steve, who had his procedure performed yesterday. He said he would like to tell other guys:

This is just so easy. I was surprised that it was completely non-invasive and no-big-deal. I would do it again tomorrow!

Call for your consultation (614) 764-7699 or contact us here to learn more about how NeoGraft will work for you!

Hair Loss Solutions at ROXY Plastic Surgery in Columbus Ohio

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