An Inside Look at ROXY Plastic Surgery for Ohio Students

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An Inside Look at ROXY Plastic Surgery for Ohio Students

ROXY Plastic Surgery is currently offering mentorships for Columbus, Ohio medical students looking to learn more about the plastic surgery industry.

Dr. Grawe wanted to create a mentorship program for interns of all levels and interests. Interns can shadow Dr. Grawe and her staff at ROXY Plastic Surgery for as little as a couple of days or as long as a few months.

The program isn’t limited to just medical students either – in fact, ROXY Plastic Surgery interns have ranged from nurse practicioners to physician’s assistants and high school students. Here is a clip of one of Dr. Grawe’s students during a typical day at ROXY Plastic Surgery.


So what can an intern expect while interning at ROXY Plastic Surgery? Dr. Grawe’s plastic surgery mentorship program includes:

  • A sit-down with Dr. Grawe to discuss goals, dreams and opportunities
  • A shadowing opportunity following all day-to-day operations of a plastic surgeon
  • Sit-ins for pre-operative and post-operative patient consults
  • Sit-ins for actual procedures (like Botox, Kybella, laser treatments, and surgeries)
  • Pairings with office staff members based on interest for career development

If you in the greater Columbus area and are interested in applying for a mentorship that gives you an inside look at the world of plastic surgery, contact Candice through email or calling our office directly 614-764-7699.

To learn more about the different services ROXY Plastic Surgery provides, contact us today.


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