Labiaplasty Procedures in Columbus Ohio

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Labiaplasty Procedures in Columbus Ohio

ROXY Plastic Surgery Labiaplasty Columbus Ohio

Demystifying Labiaplasty at ROXY Plastic Surgery

I was a psychology major in undergraduate. One of the core concepts we learned was about how men and women see the world is vastly different. Men tend to see the world out of their own eyes, from their perspective while women tend to see the scenario as someone on the outside looking in. So they see themselves and judge themselves – how they look, how they seem to others… one of the crowd looking at themselves. At ROXY Plastic Surgery, we strive to help women feel their best both inside AND out.

This phenomenon is augmented in the bedroom: Men see breasts and think – awesome, exciting. Women live the scene as someone looking down at them – “look at those stomach rolls… omg, did you see her sagging….”And that makes it more difficult to enjoy the moment.

This is why Labiaplasty is so important. It’s not for him. It’s not a weird thing to worry about. It’s for you. And it’s important!

Anatomy Lesson

The labia are made of two layers. There is the labia majora – these form the outside layer and naturally have hair. And there is the labia minora, the inside layer which come together at the top to form the clitoral hood. This layer is moist and is protected by the labia majora.

The Problem

If you are born with large or asymmetric labia majora, it can be embarrassing or make you feel less sexy. After pregnancy, this can happen or get worse. If you have asymmetric or large labia minora, they can peak out of the labia majora and make you self-conscious. This can even hurt or rub on your pants because the moist skin is exposed to the outside world.

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The Solution

Labiaplasty can completely correct these issues with a very simple outpatient procedure. Numbing medication is used to make the procedure completely painless. The excess tissue is removed and dissolvable stitches are used to repair the labia. You are given an ice pack to wear home and pain medication. Most patients take a couple of days off of work. Before you know it, you will feel sexy and look amazing!

More attention has been drawn to labiaplasty in the last 10 years. The Brazilian wax has led to women noticing what everything looks like down there. We want to look younger and more vibrant. We want to feel sexy.

This procedure has helped thousands of women love how they look. Not only is it cost-effective in the long run, it has a short recovery period as well. Most women can resume work after 1 week, and depending on the healing process, can resume all other activities within 2-6 weeks.

When you are in the bedroom and feel confident, you don’t just feel sexier, you ARE sexier. You will enjoy yourself more and your partner will notice!

Labiaplasty in Columbus Ohio

If you are interested in learning more about Labiaplasty or want to book a Labiaplasty consultation with Dr. Grawe, contact or call us at 614-764-7699 today!

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