Achieving the “Kissie Face” Look Every Day

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Achieving the “Kissie Face” Look Every Day

Do you find yourself making the “kissie face” in all your selfies?

It turns out there’s a subconscious reason why we like to strike this pose in photos!

When you make the kissie face, you end up with more prominent cheekbones, wider eyes, bigger lips, and a narrower lower face.

But did you know you could look that good without having to pretend to blow a kiss every time someone takes out a camera?

Four Simple Procedures to Volume Up

With a few quick procedures at ROXY Plastic Surgery, you can achieve your ideal look all day long.

  • Voluma acts like a mini-facelift, giving you bigger and fuller cheeks for up to two years
  • Latisse provides the illusion of bigger eyes by increasing the length, thickness and fullness of your eyelashes
  • Juvederm or Other Fillers give you poutier, kiss-ready lips
  • …and Buccal Fat Pad Excision narrows the lower part of your cheeks to give you the thin look you get when contouring or making the kissie face

You can’t walk around with a kissie face all day long, but you can get the look you desire from these quick procedures with Dr. Grawe.

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