Internal Mommy Makeover: Regain Your Confidence with Labiaplasty in Columbus OH

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Internal Mommy Makeover: Regain Your Confidence with Labiaplasty in Columbus OH

Internal Mommy Makeover

Dr. Roxanne Grawe Gives You a Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Common Internal Mommy Makeover Procedure: Labiaplasty.

Many women often feel uncomfortable with the size and shape of their labia. Often, enlarged labia is a result of childbirth, but can also be genetic. Dr. Grawe know how important it is for a woman to feel good on the inside and out, which is why ROXY Plastic Surgery offers labiaplasty as a simple vaginal rejuvenation procedure.

Whether you are looking to get an internal Mommy Makeover, or just want to feel confident in the bedroom again, this procedure can help you feel like your foxy self in no time.

Internal Mommy Makeover in Columbus Ohio

Watch the Internal Mommy Makeover Before and After Video:

DISCLAIMER: The following video contains graphic images not suitable for those under 18.

What To Expect With A Mommy Makeover At ROXY Plastic Surgery

See More Behind-the-Scenes Looks of the Internal Mommy Makeover

Dr. Roxanne Grawe shares behind-the-scenes looks of ROXY Plastic Surgery on social media every day. If you want to learn more about some of the procedures she offers at ROXY Plastic Surgery, follow her on Snapchat or Instagram to get her latest updates.

Schedule Your Labiaplasty Consultation with Dr. Roxanne Grawe

Dr. Roxanne Grawe and the ROXY girls can help you look and feel your best – inside and out! Call 1-614-764-7699 or contact us to schedule a consultation for your labiaplasty or internal Mommy Makeover with Dr. Grawe today!

ROXY Plastic Surgery Mommy Makeover consultation

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