Internal Mommy Makeover in Columbus Ohio

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Internal Mommy Makeover in Columbus Ohio

ROXY Plastic Surgery Internal Mommy Makeover

Internal Mommy Makeover Procedures at ROXY Plastic Surgery

One of the big trends that we are seeing in the world of plastic surgery this year is the Internal Mommy Makeover. It’s no longer just about tightening what’s on the outside. ROXY Plastic Surgery is excited to offer more vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

Here are some procedures to help women feel good on the inside!


Some women may have asymmetric or larger labia after pregnancy. Many women find this uncomfortable and embarrassing. We are happy to offer a labiaplasty to help correct this issue. A labiaplasty is a simple procedure that removes the excess tissue. We’ll use dissolvable stitches to repair the labia. With no downtime, you’ll feel confident and look amazing in no time!

What To Expect With A Mommy Makeover At ROXY Plastic Surgery


For women who have a low sexual desire or urinary incontinence after having children can now get the O-Shot. The O-Shot is a safe and natural procedure. We’ll use numbing cream to make vaginal Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections more comfortable. The O-Shot is a hormone-free way that can help you enhance your sex life with no downtime at all!

You can learn more about the benefits of an O-Shot and see how easy it is by watching the video below.

After you are done having your kids, it’s time to focus on you again! That’s why a Mommy Makeover is one of the most common procedures at ROXY Plastic Surgery. Whether you have stretch marks, sagging in the breasts, or loss of vaginal tightness, a Mommy Makeover at ROXY Plastic Surgery can help you regain your confidence.

Our staff will help answer any questions you have about these procedures and customize your Mommy Makeover to suit your specific needs. We will make you feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after!

Contact us today or call us at 614-764-769 to book a consultation.

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