How to Glow in this Winter Snow

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February 12, 2015
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March 31, 2015
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How to Glow in this Winter Snow

It seems like a funny time to talk about tanning but it might help you get out of this snowy rut.

You are starting to hear the ads for the tanning salons and many people are getting started so they are ready for Spring.  BUT, we all know that a tanning bed and UV light leads to wrinkles, skin discoloration over time (brown spots) and skin cancer.  Dr. Grawe suggests getting a customized spray tan for the same natural glow without the risks.

Here are some tips to making your tan last longer this spring:

1. Exfoliate:

Whether you tan in the sun, tanning bed, or spray tan – your body’s skin cells react with the DHT to produce melanin which gives you darker skin. Melanin is our body’s natural way of protecting the skin cells from harmful UV light. But your skin cells are constantly dying and turning into firm flaky cells which move to the surface and fall off. Exfoliating before you tan can help get rid of all the dead cells which are getting ready to flake off – which means the cells that take up the tan stay on longer – a longer lasting tan.

ROXY Plastic Surgery’s favorite exfoliation – Clarisonic Brush for face and body & SkinMedica’s Skin Polisher (little beads exfoliate more dead skin cells to leave skin glowing and healthy)

2. Don’t Exfoliate:

After you tan, stay away from luffas and shaving – these can remove more cells to fade your tan faster.

ROXY Plastic Surgery tip: No more shaving after laser hair removal!

Fall Skin Care Guide: Secrets To Regaining A Healthy Complexion

3. Moisturize:

Keeping your skin moist will keep your skin cells plump and happy so they don’t flake off so quickly. For spray tans, moisture keeps the tan uniform and glowing for longer. Something new: Neocutis BioBody – full of protein to help your body hold onto water in your skin – longer lasting tan, less wrinkles. (It’s BioCream/BioSerum for your whole body!)

4. Go for packages:

When you buy tanning packages, you save money and also pre-pay so that your can make a quick trip into the office for your 10 min tan. You are more likely to get it done so that you keep that glow which makes you feel healthy and beautiful.

RPS SPRAY TAN Monthly Subscription: Unlimited Spray Tans for $100/month

Go for a healthy way to get tan this spring – wait until you see how great you look next to the 3-5 inches of snow tonight!

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