Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation in Ohio

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Male Liposuction in Columbus Ohio
September 18, 2018
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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation in Ohio

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Dr. Grawe shares the difference between a fat transfer breast augmentation and traditional breast implants

Did you know that a breast augmentation can be performed using implants or by fat grafting?

At ROXY Plastic Surgery, we have seen breast augmentation by fat grafting (also known as fat transfer breast augmentation) trending recently. This could be due to the fact that fat grafting in general has taken off or it may be that more women are searching for a more “natural” option to breast enhancement.

As with any procedure, there are pros and cons to each type of breast augmentation, so we decided to hold a little contest to see which one comes out on top:

If you want a more natural look:

The breast is made of both glandular tissue and fatty tissue. If you fill the breast with an implant (regardless of how soft the silicone is), it will feel firmer than a natural breast. The good news to this is that your breasts will feel more dense and youthful! But if you use fat grafting, we use your body’s own fat cells to fill up the breast so it is completely soft and natural looking and feeling. The main benefit to this is that nobody would ever know you had it done.

Winner: Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

If you are looking for fullness up top:

It’s common to want to fill up the top part of your breast after having kids or get great cleavage if you have small breasts. With breast implants, we can guarantee upper breast fullness and great cleavage as the implant itself provide this volume. Fat on the other hand is soft and floppy even so it naturally drapes like a natural breast sometimes lacking that round upper part.

Winner: Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation Columbus Ohio

This 53-year-old ROXY received Silicone 450 ml implants to go from a 34B to a 34D!

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If you want little to no scarring:

Breast augmentation with implants must have a small scar either in the fold of the breast, around the areola, or in the underarm area in order to fit in the implant. And while these implants typical heal great, they are permanent. With fat transfer breast augmentation on the other hand, the scars are tiny marks like the ones used for liposuction. In fact, they are smaller than removing a mole! Again, no sign of surgery!

Winner: Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

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If you want to pick your exact size:

With breast implants, we can use 3D imaging and sizers (which are inserts you can try on at ROXY Plastic Surgery) that allow you to pick the exact breast size you want. The implant provides the volume and the results are predictable.

With a fat transfer breast augmentation, fat is inserted into the breasts and gets a blood supply. Whichever fat cells gain a blood supply, live forever and the result is permanent. But, up to 70% of the fat can get absorbed or turn into fat necrosis which is a small firm nodule of fat. This means that we are relying on your body to decide how much fat stays. Typically, we notice that your breasts will be able to go up ½ – 1 full cup size with a fat transfer.

If you are a B cup and would like to be a C cup, then this is a great option! But if you are looking for a larger size,  you may need multiple procedures to achieve a larger increase.

Winner: Breast Implants

breast implants before and after columbus ohio

This 32-year-old FOXY had a 36C cup size before getting Silicone 700cc breast implants at ROXY Plastic Surgery in Columbus, Ohio. After her breast augmentation, she was at a 36DD cup size!

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If you are concerned about mammograms:

If the breast implant is placed under the muscle, the ability to see the breast tissue on a mammogram is the same as if you did not have an implant at all. With fat grafting, you can get small calcifications on a mammogram but they are obvious to the radiologist that they are from surgery and not due to cancer. Therefore, your mammogram results are reliable from fat grafting as well.

Winner: TIE!

If you are considering the overall cost:

The cost of breast implants is fairly low as it only takes an hour in the operating room, and you only have to purchase the implants. For a fat transfer breast augmentation, you also get liposuction. The cost depends on which areas you decide to have liposuction on. So, although the cost is more with a fat transfer, you are also getting the benefits of liposuction as well!

Less Expensive: Breast Implants

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If you are thinking about longevity:

There is no time when breast implants need to be redone, despite what you might read on the internet. If you love the look of your implants and no do not have any problems such as bleeding, infection, or capsular contracture, you’ll never have to have them redone! Similarly, fat grafting is a permanent solution.

If you gain weight after liposuction and get a fat transfer breast augmentation, you will unlikely see weight gain in the spot where you had liposuction. In fact, you are more likely to gain the weight in your breasts!

Winner: TIE for the long term!

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As with any decision, getting a breast augmentation is a personal one. The best thing to do is call us at 1-614-764-7699 schedule a consult at ROXY Plastic Surgery so that you can talk with Dr. Grawe about which option is best for you and your body goals.

During the consult, you can look at and feel the implants and decide which is your best bet!

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