Brazilian Butt Lift: 10 Things You Need to Know

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Brazilian Butt Lift: 10 Things You Need to Know

Brazilian Butt Lift Columbus OH

If you are considering getting a Buttock Augmentation in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Roxanne Grawe and the ROXY Plastic Surgery team offer 10 things you should know before you get your Brazilian Butt Lift.

10 Things You Should Know About A Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Columbus Ohio

1. Brazilian Butt Lifts come in lots of different shapes

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – not one type of backside is ideal nowadays. Some think Kim Kardashian looks the best while others think Nicki Minaj has the idea booty. There are round butts with a shelf on the top, upside-down heart shape with more fullness on the bottom, and butts with wide hips and others that appear more athletic.

When you consider buttock augmentation, you should look at a lot of different butts and start to learn which shape you like best for your body.

2. Buttock Augmentation isn’t just for a certain type of person

Buttock augmentation is HOT right now! It’s becoming as popular as breast augmentation. All races and ethnicities are coming to ROXY Plastic Surgery for buttock enhancement. We have had school teachers, nurses, dancers, and moms get butt augmentation. It seems to be everyone who loves this new look!

3. There are two ways to augment your backside

Buttock augmentation can be done in two different ways – either with implants or using your own fat (Brazilian Butt Lift). With implants, a small incision is made in the intergluteal crease (butt crack) so that it is hidden and the implant is placed under the covering of the muscle or within the gluteal muscle. If fat is used, very tiny scars are made to get fat from a problem area (often a belly or waistline) and then it is injected into your butt to create your new shape. Either way, you can get the backside you are dreaming of!

Top 5 Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift

4. You can customize your size

Some patients want a slight change in their butt size or an enhancement in the shape (more fullness up top or wider hips) while others want to make a significant increase in size. If you use implants for augmentation, you can choose from many different shapes and sizes but if our variety doesn’t satisfy your desires – you can have your gluteal implant CUSTOM MADE!

Check out this bootyful FOXY showing how soft & natural her ROXYrump feels! This video is from 7 months after buttock augmentation with 434cc silicone gluteal implants…. loving her Body by ROXY!


Visit our patient selfie page to see more ROXY foxies!

5. With the Brazilian Butt Lift, you don’t have to gain weight before surgery!

You have all the fat cells you are ever going to have by the time you finish going through puberty. As you gain or lose weight, you put more fat into those fat cells or take it out. With fat grafting, those cells are moved to a new part of your body and when they learn to live there – they are there for life. So gaining weight before surgery doesn’t make your potential butt bigger – you will still get the same number of fat cells into that area. And most likely, you will get back down to your normal weight afterward anyways. (As women we typically fluctuate 10-15 lbs our whole lives – now you can just do it with a nicer butt!)

6. If you lose weight after a Brazilian Butt Lift – your butt won’t go away!

Since you have fat cells that now live in a new area (your behind), you will always preferentially gain weight in that area with more fat cells. After having liposuction in one area and fat grafting in another, you will stay in this new proportion. If you gain weight, you will gain it all over but your waist will still be small and your buttock will still be big. If you lose weight, you will get smaller at your waist and buttock, but it will still be bigger than your waist – the proportion will stay the same forever!

If you lose weight after a Brazilian Butt Lift, your butt won’t go away! Discover 9 other things you need to know about butt augmentation with ROXY Plastic Surgery here.Click To Tweet

7. You can still sit after a Buttock Augmentation

Ok – let’s take a break from reading and do a little demonstration. Sit down squarely on the chair. Put your hands under your “butt” where you are sitting. Now, keeping your hands there, Stand up and look where they are gripping – THE TOP OF YOUR LEGS! We don’t actually sit on our butts – we sit on our legs near where they join the pelvis. After a buttock augmentation, you can still sit without crushing the results or being uncomfortable.

8. You can lose some fat after a Brazilian Butt Lift

After the fat gets transferred, it has to get a blood supply and learn how to live in its new location. If you put pressure on the transplanted fat cells, they can die and get absorbed into your body or stay and become firm (fat necrosis). Therefore, for the first 3 weeks after a Brazilian Butt Lift, you will need to sleep on your belly and not on your new butt. It’s important to baby this new area until it is firmly established – then you can keep your new amazing buttock augmentation for life!

9. It’s an investment… but financing is available!

Buttock Augmentation can cost $6,000-$11,000 depending on what type you choose – it’s a chunk of change. It’s like buying a car (well, just the trunk!) but one you can drive for life! Most people finance a car and make monthly payments until it’s paid off. The same goes for Buttock Augmentation. We offer CareCredit which can be applied for on our website or in the office and gives instant approval – you can even use it the same day so you can plan your Butt Lift right away!

10. You look great right away in clothes – but it takes about 3 months before you can twerk

Right after the Brazilian Butt Lift, you look great in clothes but you have a lot of swelling for the first 2 weeks. After that, the swelling starts to go down but the augmentation continues to get softer and more natural looking over the next 3 months. By 3 months, you look amazing and natural in bathing suits or in nothing at all…And then, like Kim, you can keep on looking great and deny anything was ever done!

If you are ready to have the backside you’ve always dreamed of, call ROXY Plastic Surgery at 1-614-764-7699 or fill out the form below for your consultation.


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