November 2, 2015
Top rated plastic surgeon in Ohio

Patient Reviews Reveal Dr. Grawe is One of Ohio’s Top Plastic Surgeons

Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe has been ranked as one of the best plastic surgeons in the state, according to Ohio plastic surgery reviewers. Dr. Grawe has received over 80 favorable reviews on Google+ and RealSelf, placing her in the top 5% of all plastic surgeons in Ohio. Dr. K. Roxanne […]
October 30, 2015
ROXY PLastic Surgery Pumpkin Peel Columbus Ohio

Pumpkin Peel and Microneedling Columbus Ohio Special

Pumpkin Peel and Microneedling Columbus Ohio Special The ROXY Plastic Surgery team is thankful for patients like you! We want to give you beautiful, healthy skin that reflects a special glow all throughout the upcoming holiday season. Renew your face with a rejuvenated microneedling treatment followed by the antioxidant benefits […]
October 26, 2015

Dermaplaning Columbus Ohio [Video]

Looking for a way to dramatically improve your skin’s texture? Try dermaplaning at the ROXY Med Spa. Dermaplaning in Columbus Ohio By removing the top layer of dead skin cells, you can expect faster cellular turnover which will unveil your skin’s natural glow. We recommend performing this treatment with a […]
October 23, 2015
ROXY Plastic Surgery Team Columbus Ohio

Halloween Skincare Tips from ROXY Plastic Surgery

Trick or treat! It is that time of the year again for an infinite amount of sweet treats and dressing the part for those costume parties! Many of you will be in a full festive costume, including a face chocked full of thick and heavy makeup! Any idea what this […]
October 16, 2015
Vampire Microneedling PRP Facial - ROXY Plastic Surgery - Columbus, OH

Vampire Microneedling PRP Facial- VIDEO

The ROXY Plastic Surgery team has a plan to keep your skin from looking scary this Halloween. Meet our Vampire Microneedling PRP Facial. As you can see in the video above, we take some of our patient’s own blood and then use a centrifuge to collect the platelets. This no-down-time […]
October 9, 2015
Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe- ROXY Plastic Surgery - Breast Cancer Awareness

Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe Presented Proclamation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Westerville Mayor Diane Fosselman issued a proclamation in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month earlier this week at the Westerville City Council Meeting. Vice Mayor Kathy Cocuzzi presented the proclamation to Unhee Kim, president of Mount Carmel St. Ann’s, and Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe, MD, Medical Director for Breast Services […]