6 Hair Transplant Myths Solved

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6 Hair Transplant Myths Solved

ROXY Plastic Surgery Hair Transplant Myths Solved Columbus Ohio

Dr. Grawe and the ROXY Plastic Surgery team have launched a Hair Transplant new eBook!


ROXY Plastic Surgery Hair Transplant

If you are considering a hair transplant but aren’t sure what to expect, then this eBook is for you. Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe addresses common myths such as whether or not a hair transplant is painful (it’s not) and if it will look natural when done (it does!).

Six myths explored in 6 Hair Transplant Myths Solved eBook include:

  • Everyone will know I’ve had a hair transplant.
  • Hair transplants might not work.
  • Hair restoration is painful.
  • Hair transplants are too expensive for me.
  • I’ll be left with a terrible scar.
  • Hair transplants just don’t look natural.

Simply click the button below to download our 6 Hair Transplant Myths Solved ebook and feel confident about your hair once again.



Many of our patients have seen great success when getting a hair transplant done. View our before/after gallery to see what a difference our hair transplant procedure can make!

ROXY Plastic Surgery Hair Transplant Columbus Ohio

Before/After Hair Transplant results of actual ROXY Plastic Surgery patient

If you are interested in learning more about scheduling a hair transplant consultation in Columbus, Ohio please contact us or call us at 614-764-7699 to book your appointment today.



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