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There is not a specific type of breast reconstruction that is right for everyone. Each type of breast reconstruction has its advantages and associated risks. Take time to decide what works best for your situation and what fits into your life. Dr. Grawe will help direct you to the right choice of breast reconstruction for you.

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Breast Reconstruction by Female Plastic Surgeon, Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe

Whether you were just diagnosed with breast cancer or you have already been through your treatments, you are searching for answers about reconstruction. There is a lot to know, and we will take you step by step through the entire process so that you can make the right decisions for you.  Watch Dr. Grawe talk about the Ohio breast reconstruction law she helped pass in 2014

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Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe Was the Driving Force Behind the New Breast Cancer Reconstruction Legislation in Ohio

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Dr. Grawe is passionate about helping women who have fought the courageous battle with cancer! Knowing that these women often do not get the information they need about reconstruction of their breasts after a mastectomy, Dr. Grawe made it her mission to increase awareness of the opportunities available.

Reaching out to the State Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives, Dr. Grawe expressed her desire to see women get all the facts after having breast cancer so they do not experience unnecessary suffering. The “Lizzie B. Byrd Act” was signed into law in January, 2014 and requires all surgeons to adequately inform their patients of the options for reconstruction after breast removal surgery. You can find out more about this bill and Dr. Grawe’s dedication to making women feel beautiful here.

Let’s Start at the Beginning

If you choose not to have reconstruction, you can wear a special bra to give you a female contour. Or, you can do nothing at all.

You can have breast reconstruction at the same time as your breast removal surgery, or if you choose to wait, you can have it at a separate time (delayed reconstruction).

A national law was passed that requires insurance companies that cover breast removal surgery to also cover all parts of breast reconstruction.   Insurance will also cover procedures to make your opposite breast match your reconstruction breast such as breast augmentation and breast lift.


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Consultation and Planning

Once you decide on mastectomy (removal of the breast) with your breast surgeon, you will come in for a consultation with breast reconstruction surgeon, K. Roxanne Grawe. At this meeting, we will go over the types of breast reconstruction and make a plan specific to your medical needs and your personal goals. We will choose what breast size (bigger, smaller or the same) you want to be, and we will coordinate your reconstruction surgery with your breast surgeon.

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The Procedure

After the removal of your breast, there is not enough skin to create a similar sized breast. Therefore, there are two main types of breast reconstruction, implant-based and autologous. Autologous reconstruction involves removing tissue from another part of your body to build the breast mound. Autologous reconstruction can be done using abdominal tissue (TRAM FLAP) or back tissue (LD FLAP). You can also choose to have saline or silicone implants and the skin on your chest will be expanded to create a new breast.

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Autologous and implant-based reconstruction surgery have varying recovery processes. For each procedure, the nurses at the hospital will give you pain medicine, make sure you are not nauseated and can eat, and teach you how to take care of your drains and bandages before you go home. The drains will be removed at your follow-up office visit.

You should not lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for at least 2 weeks after surgery. You should walk around after surgery and NOT stay in bed. This is important to prevent blood clots. You may shower 48 hours after surgery. You should eat a healthy diet and as much protein as possible to promote good healing.

You may drive and return to work when you are no longer taking prescription pain medicine. Most people are able to return to a light duty job 1-2 weeks after surgery and sooner after the permanent implant surgery.

Remember that everyone is different. Recovery time and progression is not the same for everyone.  The times stated are typical for healthy individuals healing from this surgery. The normal progression of healing may be different for those with health problems, smokers, and those who have unforeseen complications after surgery.


Breast reconstruction gives you a feeling of completion and wholeness after your breast cancer operation. Whether you are having reconstruction after a mastectomy or symmetry surgery on the other breast, you can look forward to breasts that will make you feel feminine and whole.

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Breast Reconstruction Videos – Patient Reviews and More


With every surgery, there are risks involved including bleeding, infection, blood clots, pain, scarring, delayed healing and need for further surgery. Here are some complications specific to Breast Reconstruction:

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