Laser Treatments

Fine Lines/Wrinkles

Whether you are worried about fine lines around your lips or deep wrinkles all over, K. Roxanne Grawe, MD can tailor your laser peel to meet your needs.  A Laser Resurfacing peel can be superficial with little to no down-time to give you that glow and brilliance to your skin or it can be deeper to erase years of wrinkles and lines – permanently!  Whatever your desires, find the answers at ROXY Plastic Surgery!

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Age Spots/Brown Spots

Brown spots can be from aging, freckles, melasma (dark spots acquired during pregnancy) or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Whatever the cause, BBL laser treatment can remove these dark spots, leaving your skin clear with uniform color and improved texture.  This treatment has no down-time!

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Rosacea/Spider Veins

Patients suffering from Rosacea have a red hue to the skin due to hypervascularity.  Your skin may have increased redness when embarrassed, after you drink wine, or due to hormone shifts.  With BBL laser treatments, this redness can be removed for more natural, clear, beautiful skin.  There is no down-time with this treatment!

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Acne Laser Treatments

Acne can be embarrassing and frustrating to treat!  Dr. Grawe can eliminate your acne problems PERMANENTLY using BBL laser treatments.  She has treated many patients who have avoided starting Accutane medication, and instead have undergone laser treatments with no down-time.  Patients have called this treatment “a miracle”!

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Permanent Hair Removal

You have spent so much time and money shaving, tweezing, waxing and every other manner of removing unwanted hair.  Image a life without worrying about your bikini line at the pool or spending time shaving in the shower!  Now you can have your dream come true with Permanent Laser Hair Removal performed in our Powell office by K. Roxanne Grawe, MD.

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