Acne Laser Treatments


Have you been battling acne and spending lots of wasted money on every latest lotion and skin care treatment without seeing results?  About 25% of adults and almost 90% of adolescents have acne and it often interferes with your self-confidence, your social life, and even your professional life.  Now you can have a simple laser treatment to control unwanted pimples and boils!  If you would like to discuss eliminating acne with laser acne treatment, contact our Columbus, Ohio office today for an informative consultation.

Aspire to be...Acne Free!


What causes acne?

                Dr. Grawe at ROXY Plastic Surgery will tell you acne is caused by overactive oil and sebaceous glands in your skin as well as a certain type of bacteria.  Severe acne can cause permanent scarring.  To avoid permanent scarring and re-gain your self-confidence, make an appointment to discuss your specific case with Ohio surgeon Dr. Grawe today!

How many treatments will I need?

      Laser acne treatment usually involves at least 7 treatments spaced out about every one to two weeks.  These treatments take about 30 minutes and are very easy to fit into your schedule.  When you arrive at the office, the staff at ROXY Plastic Surgery will apply topical numbing medicine on your face which will keep you very comfortable during the treatment.  There is no anesthesia required so you can drive yourself home and even return to work the same day.  Everyone is different but you can expect to notice a substantial improvement in about 3 sessions and almost complete resolution in about 7 sessions.  You will not need to have the series of treatments done again, but you may wish to have one treatment at 6 months and then every 1-2 years after that for maintenance.  Many people do not need maintenance laser treatment.

What will I look like after the treatment?

       When you leave the office you will have a flushed look like you just worked out.  In the next 20 minutes this will go away.  You can put on make-up right after the procedure.  There is no down time at all!


How do I know if I’m a candidate for Laser Acne Treatment?

                Anyone with moderate to severe acne is a candidate.  You cannot receive laser treatments while you have tanned skin and you will be more sensitive to sunlight during your treatment series.  You are not a candidate for Laser Acne Treatment if you are currently taking Accutane.  Many of Dr. Grawe’s patients have avoided having to go on Accutane due to the Laser Acne Treatments.