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How to Glow in this Winter Snow:

Mar 04, 2015

It seems like a funny time to talk about tanning but it might help you get out of this snowy rut.  

You are starting to hear the ads for the tanning salons and many people are getting started so they are ready for Spring.  BUT, we all know that a tanning bed and UV light leads to wrinkles, skin discoloration over time (brown spots) and skin cancer.  Dr. Grawe suggests getting a customized spray tan for the same natural glow without the risks. 

spray tan

Here are some tips to making your tan last longer this spring:

1. Exfoliate:

Whether you tan in the sun, tanning bed, or spray tan – your body’s skin cells react with the DHT to produce melanin which gives you darker skin. Melanin is our body’s natural way of protecting the skin cells from harmful UV light. But your skin cells are constantly dying and turning into firm flaky cells which move to the surface and fall off. Exfoliating before you tan can help get rid of all the dead cells which are getting ready to flake off – which means the cells that take up the tan stay on longer – a longer lasting tan.

ROXY Plastic Surgery’s favorite exfoliation – Clarisonic Brush for face and body & SkinMedica’s Skin Polisher (little beads exfoliate more dead skin cells to leave skin glowing and healthy)

2. Don’t Exfoliate:

After you tan, stay away from luffas and shaving – these can remove more cells to fade your tan faster.

ROXY Plastic Surgery tip: No more shaving after laser hair removal!

3. Moisturize:

Keeping your skin moist will keep your skin cells plump and happy so they don’t flake off so quickly. For spray tans, moisture keeps the tan uniform and glowing for longer. Something new: Neocutis BioBody – full of protein to help your body hold onto water in your skin – longer lasting tan, less wrinkles. (It’s BioCream/BioSerum for your whole body!)

4. Go for packages:

When you buy tanning packages, you save money and also pre-pay so that your can make a quick trip into the office for your 10 min tan. You are more likely to get it done so that you keep that glow which makes you feel healthy and beautiful.

RPS SPRAY TAN Monthly Subscription: Unlimited Spray Tans for $100/month

Go for a healthy way to get tan this spring – wait until you see how great you look next to the 3-5 inches of snow tonight!

Celeb's Secrets to Great Skin

Feb 12, 2015

Ever wonder what the celebrity secret is to glowing skin?

If you have tuned into any award show recently, you may have noticed many stars seem to be ageless. So, what’s their secret? It goes beyond just a great makeup artist, or even Botox to achieve that perfect glow. Recently, celebrities have spilled the beans on their go-to skin care service before hitting the red carpet.

The secret…chemical peels!

So what exactly is a chemical peel? A chemical peel is a type of acid: typically an alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy or a combination of both that is applied to the skin. At ROXY Plastic Surgery, we choose a peel that is suitable for your skin type, and your skin care concern. A peel can improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. They are especially effective at treating dark spots caused by sun damage, acne scarring and melasma. Furthermore, by sloughing off the old dead skin cells, fine lines and wrinkles will become less apparent.

Many people fear that a peel will leave them red, irritated, and out of commission for several days. The truth is, peels can vary in strength from superficial, medium to deep. The majority of peels require little downtime or peeling. One of our most requested services is our “Date Night Peel”, which leaves the skin soft and smooth with no downtime at all.

So, how do you prepare for a chemical peel? First, it is important to stop using certain products such as glycolic acid and Retin-A at least four days prior to your service. However, use of these products weeks before the service is actually recommended. These two products help exfoliate the skin and ensure there are no thick patches of dead skin. You’ll get the best result from a peel because it will work evenly across the skin.

Want to learn more? You can contact us (614) 764-7699 to book your first appointment.

The Fountain of Youth

Jan 28, 2015

Retin A, Retinol

All women (and men for that matter) are on the quest for the fountain of youth. We stare in the mirror at those wrinkles between our eyebrows…. We pull up our skin around our mouth over and over hoping it will magically defy gravity… and we remember the days when our skin was brown-spot free and our bodies were tight and perky…. Ah, if we could just drink from the fountain.

Well, we can – we found it! All you have to do it put it on your face nightly – it’s Retinol.

We have been afraid of it because we think of lobster-red skin and flakey complexions, not wanting to go through “that phase”. But new versions of Retinol do not have those reactions and work wonders on your skin without anyone else knowing. Research in the past 30 years has shown that Retinol repairs most ALL skin concerns: acne, wrinkles, rough skin, and discoloration, even decreasing your risk of skin cancer – truly a fountain of youth.

We have seen that on a microscopic level, it is changing skin to look younger. The cells actually look like cells of someone 10 years younger – this is a true change in your skin. It also helps you heal faster because your skin turns over quicker (sloughs off the piles of dead skin cells), leading to a more brilliant complexion and better results with treatments such as BBL for brown spots or laser resurfacing peels.

Dr. Grawe warns to beware of over-the-counter Retinols as they do not have the technology to get down deep into your skin or the strength to make the changes that are shown in the research. “You might as well squirt the lotion on your bathroom counter” she says. Medical grade Retinols make a difference you can see – people will ask you what you are doing different… and you can tell them, you found the Fountain of Youth!

For those of you who can’t commit to an involved skin-care program. Retinol at night and sunscreen in the morning is the basic regimen you need to make big changes in your skin quickly.

Aspire to be… brilliant and youthful!

BOTOX without Needles!

Jan 17, 2015

botox, wrinkles, topical gel, grawe

For all you needle-phobics who crave to be wrinkle-free, topical Botox may be coming out in this New Year!

Botox is one of the most common cosmetic treatments world-wide. It is well known for reducing wrinkles and smoothing out the skin of the forehead, raise the eyebrows, and remove frown lines and crow’s feet. But some patients are deterred from obtaining smooth skin because of the thought of having an injection. Fortunately, topical Botox is on its way and promises pain-free wrinkle control!

Revance Therapeutics is developing a gel called RT001 which will be applied in the physician’s office. The gel will remain in place for a short period of time and then it is removed with a specially designed tool. This gel will not be available over the counter or via prescription. RT001 was created several years ago and is in phase 2 FDA trials so it may be released later this year.

For some, the only reason to avoid Botox is the thought of using a needle. With this gel, we may be able to painlessly turn back time.

Don’t worry, ROXY Plastic Surgery will let you know when it’s available!  Read more at


Jan 13, 2015

ROXY Plastic Surgery celebrates buckeye win in national championships

Bringing Booty Back

Jan 12, 2015

Although you may or may not believe it – it’s the year of the back-side.

Kim Kardashian’s picture on in Paper Magazine got many people talking…. Megan Trainor belted that it’s “all about the bass” and patients are flocking to ROXY Plastic Surgery with pictures of famous behinds they aspire to have.

The look of 2015 – is a small waist and round booty. Dr. Grawe specializes in creating this look using silicone implants or naturally with your body’s own fat. For those of you who hate to create waste – it’s the perfect combination – liposuction of unwanted fat and injecting this fat in a way to create a round, beautiful buttocks. MTV news gives you the low-down on the history of “Fake Junk In The Trunk”.

Want to learn more? Read more about it or contact us (614)764-7699 to make your free consultation – see and feel the implants, look at before and afters and talk about personal goals to bring YOUR booty back!

Young and Illumines Package – Turn back the years

Jan 06, 2015

Winter is here and there is no reason you shouldn’t look bright and brilliant.Join ROXY Plastic Surgery in wiping away 2014 and starting the new year with beautiful skin!

In this package, Dr. Grawe will treat your skin with BBL laser therapy to remove the dark age spots and even out your skin tone. You will then retreat to the spa for an Exfoliating Brightening Scrub to brighten the skin and remove sun damage.

Let the years fade away and battle the winter blues with brilliant skin!

Young and Illumines Package $345 (Retail value $465)

Call for your appointment today (614)764-7699

Merry and Bright Facial

Dec 08, 2014


Get a holiday glow with our amazing skin brightening facial. This treatment includes an enzyme scrub followed by a pomegranate lactic peel. Your skin will be revitalized and looking beautiful for all your holiday parties! $45

As a special Holiday gift to you, with the purchase of this facial, receive a voucher for $10/unit of Botox!

During the holiday season, our skincare products are 20% off!  Obagi Nuderm Starter and Travel Kits are 35% off!  

We have moved our office!!!!

Oct 31, 2014

Same building.... new office!

  new office location

When you come in from the North Hampton entrance (near Target), park in the closest parking area.  We are the first office on this side.

When coming from north (Powell) turn in and pass our old office (near the Urgent Care) and continue towards the south side of the building (towards Target).  We are the last office on this side.

We hope you love our new space!  See you soon!

September Special: End of Summer - Detox Facial

Sep 23, 2014

Get pampered at ROXY Plastic Surgery while repairing your summer-damaged skin!


  • Deep cleaning under steam Enzyme Scrub for deep exfoliation 
  • Extractions and Clay Mask 
  • Neck, Shoulder and Decollete massage 


 This treatment will re-energize your skin leaving it Healthy, and Glowing!


Now Announcing: Permanent Cosmetics at RPS!

Aug 25, 2014

Wouldn't it be great to wake-up looking like you were already ready for the day?

Permanent Cosmetics can provide a frame to your face - giving you color and youth around the clock! Whether you are looking for more defined eyebrows, permanent eyeliner or luscious bright lips, you can achieve the look you want!

Make-up Tattooing is performed in the office using numbing cream and the most advanced techniques for permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, lip color or lip liner and nipple reconstruction after breast cancer.

Finally, a tattoo you won't regret!

Aspire to be... Permanetly Beautiful!

School Is Back In Session

Aug 19, 2014

POP QUIZ: What are the top 3 parts of your body that give away your age?


1. Your eyesPuffy eyes and facial wrinkles make you look tired and either sad or mad.

2. Your hands – Age spots and wrinkles give you away even if your face is in perfect condition

3. Your neck & chest – We often overlook sunscreen here so there is damage galore.

No time for surgery or invasive procedures? No worries – we can have you looking younger with just a trip to the office.

Here’s how:


Botox: A simple injection can reverse aging by smoothing out crow’s feet and raising your eyebrows.

Neotensil: This is an application of medicine which tightens your lower eyelids to give you a mini-eyelid lift without surgery.

Latisse: As we age, our lashes get thinner, lighter, and fall out faster. Latisse is a simple at home application which leads to darker, thicker lashes in just weeks. A perfect frame to your eyes.

Hands, Neck, & Chest:

Broad Band Light (BBL): This laser treatment is done in the office to remove age spots and improve skin tone and texture. You can do your face, hands, and chest. Brighter skin with no down-time.

Tretinoin: Retinol or Retin-A. We use this treatment on our face to reduce the risk of skin cancer and reverse wrinkles. Dr. Grawe believes everyone over 30 years old should be using Tretinoin. Add your hands, neck and chest to your regimen to reverse aging in these give-a-way areas.

Don't forget your "Aging Give-A-Ways"!

Summertime Spray tan Fridays!

Jul 18, 2014

spray tan


Don’t miss out on our summer customized spray tan special! Every Friday through the end of August, Spray tans are just $25!

Our aestheticians can customize your color in just minutes to give you a look like you are fresh off the beach. This treatment is perfect for events, weddings, pool side or just looking great in your summer clothes. We hope to see you today!

Aspire to be….bronzed!

Myth Buster Monday

Jul 15, 2014

Moisturizing your skin is the same as hydrating it.

Dr. Grawe’s answer:

Moisturizing your skin is different than hydrating it. A moisturizer (skin lotion) can get skin moist and keep it from drying out but it isn’t the same thing as keeping it hydrated. Hydration comes from deep in your skin layers while moisturizer only keeps moisture in the top layer of your skin.

Many people think they can keep their skin hydrated by drinking their 8 cups of water each day. This is true if their skin is ready to keep ahold of that water. Unfortunately, after 30 years old, our skin stops making the essential proteins in the deep layers which hold onto the water. We also start breaking down hyaluronic acid faster than we can make it. Hyaluronic acid is an important component of collagen, which attracts water and keeps our faces full to prevent wrinkles.

HYDRATION: You may have heard of hyaluronic acids as a “filler” – Juvederm or Restylane - but it also comes in another form. Hyaluronic acid in serum form can be used as a daily hydrator – helping to rebuild collagen in your skin, or make your filler last longer. The favorite at ROXY Plastic Surgery: Neocutis Hyalis.

MOISTURIZER: A daily moisturizer is good for keeping your skin soft and moist – especially when combined with good exfoliation. Combine your daily moisturizer with Hyalis and you can get a thick night cream without causing acne – one that can also HYDRATE your skin!

HYDRATION: After 30 years old, we also stop making essential proteins in the deep layers of our skin which hold water and keep our faces looking full and bright. Using a protein enhancement product (Neocutis BioSerum, SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum) can put those necessary proteins back into your skin and keep water where it is most needed. A protein shake for your skin! Then your 8 glasses of water won’t go to waste but instead will hydrate your skin.

Just as our body’s need water to survive – our skin also needs water to glow. It’s important to provide your skin with the necessary elements it needs.

Aspire to be…. Radiant this summer!

Juvederm Special - $75 off coupons

Apr 30, 2014



  Before & After

If you are a Brilliant Distinctions Member – you can receive $75 off 1 tube of Juvederm until the end of May.

Not a member? Sign up here and come use our coupon while supplies last! Get pouty lips or fill in deep facial lines – look your best this Spring!

We also now carry Juvederm Voluma for better cheek contour! Let Dr. Grawe help you reach your goals to look and feel younger!