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Merry and Bright Facial

Dec 08, 2014


Get a holiday glow with our amazing skin brightening facial. This treatment includes an enzyme scrub followed by a pomegranate lactic peel. Your skin will be revitalized and looking beautiful for all your holiday parties! $45

As a special Holiday gift to you, with the purchase of this facial, receive a voucher for $10/unit of Botox!

During the holiday season, our skincare products are 20% off!  Obagi Nuderm Starter and Travel Kits are 35% off!  

We have moved our office!!!!

Oct 31, 2014

Same building.... new office!

  new office location

When you come in from the North Hampton entrance (near Target), park in the closest parking area.  We are the first office on this side.

When coming from north (Powell) turn in and pass our old office (near the Urgent Care) and continue towards the south side of the building (towards Target).  We are the last office on this side.

We hope you love our new space!  See you soon!

September Special: End of Summer - Detox Facial

Sep 23, 2014

Get pampered at ROXY Plastic Surgery while repairing your summer-damaged skin!


  • Deep cleaning under steam Enzyme Scrub for deep exfoliation 
  • Extractions and Clay Mask 
  • Neck, Shoulder and Decollete massage 


 This treatment will re-energize your skin leaving it Healthy, and Glowing!


Now Announcing: Permanent Cosmetics at RPS!

Aug 25, 2014

Wouldn't it be great to wake-up looking like you were already ready for the day?

Permanent Cosmetics can provide a frame to your face - giving you color and youth around the clock! Whether you are looking for more defined eyebrows, permanent eyeliner or luscious bright lips, you can achieve the look you want!

Make-up Tattooing is performed in the office using numbing cream and the most advanced techniques for permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, lip color or lip liner and nipple reconstruction after breast cancer.

Finally, a tattoo you won't regret!

Aspire to be... Permanetly Beautiful!

School Is Back In Session

Aug 19, 2014

POP QUIZ: What are the top 3 parts of your body that give away your age?


1. Your eyesPuffy eyes and facial wrinkles make you look tired and either sad or mad.

2. Your hands – Age spots and wrinkles give you away even if your face is in perfect condition

3. Your neck & chest – We often overlook sunscreen here so there is damage galore.

No time for surgery or invasive procedures? No worries – we can have you looking younger with just a trip to the office.

Here’s how:


Botox: A simple injection can reverse aging by smoothing out crow’s feet and raising your eyebrows.

Neotensil: This is an application of medicine which tightens your lower eyelids to give you a mini-eyelid lift without surgery.

Latisse: As we age, our lashes get thinner, lighter, and fall out faster. Latisse is a simple at home application which leads to darker, thicker lashes in just weeks. A perfect frame to your eyes.

Hands, Neck, & Chest:

Broad Band Light (BBL): This laser treatment is done in the office to remove age spots and improve skin tone and texture. You can do your face, hands, and chest. Brighter skin with no down-time.

Tretinoin: Retinol or Retin-A. We use this treatment on our face to reduce the risk of skin cancer and reverse wrinkles. Dr. Grawe believes everyone over 30 years old should be using Tretinoin. Add your hands, neck and chest to your regimen to reverse aging in these give-a-way areas.

Don't forget your "Aging Give-A-Ways"!

Summertime Spray tan Fridays!

Jul 18, 2014

spray tan


Don’t miss out on our summer customized spray tan special! Every Friday through the end of August, Spray tans are just $25!

Our aestheticians can customize your color in just minutes to give you a look like you are fresh off the beach. This treatment is perfect for events, weddings, pool side or just looking great in your summer clothes. We hope to see you today!

Aspire to be….bronzed!

Myth Buster Monday

Jul 15, 2014

Moisturizing your skin is the same as hydrating it.

Dr. Grawe’s answer:

Moisturizing your skin is different than hydrating it. A moisturizer (skin lotion) can get skin moist and keep it from drying out but it isn’t the same thing as keeping it hydrated. Hydration comes from deep in your skin layers while moisturizer only keeps moisture in the top layer of your skin.

Many people think they can keep their skin hydrated by drinking their 8 cups of water each day. This is true if their skin is ready to keep ahold of that water. Unfortunately, after 30 years old, our skin stops making the essential proteins in the deep layers which hold onto the water. We also start breaking down hyaluronic acid faster than we can make it. Hyaluronic acid is an important component of collagen, which attracts water and keeps our faces full to prevent wrinkles.

HYDRATION: You may have heard of hyaluronic acids as a “filler” – Juvederm or Restylane - but it also comes in another form. Hyaluronic acid in serum form can be used as a daily hydrator – helping to rebuild collagen in your skin, or make your filler last longer. The favorite at ROXY Plastic Surgery: Neocutis Hyalis.

MOISTURIZER: A daily moisturizer is good for keeping your skin soft and moist – especially when combined with good exfoliation. Combine your daily moisturizer with Hyalis and you can get a thick night cream without causing acne – one that can also HYDRATE your skin!

HYDRATION: After 30 years old, we also stop making essential proteins in the deep layers of our skin which hold water and keep our faces looking full and bright. Using a protein enhancement product (Neocutis BioSerum, SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum) can put those necessary proteins back into your skin and keep water where it is most needed. A protein shake for your skin! Then your 8 glasses of water won’t go to waste but instead will hydrate your skin.

Just as our body’s need water to survive – our skin also needs water to glow. It’s important to provide your skin with the necessary elements it needs.

Aspire to be…. Radiant this summer!

Juvederm Special - $75 off coupons

Apr 30, 2014



  Before & After

If you are a Brilliant Distinctions Member – you can receive $75 off 1 tube of Juvederm until the end of May.

Not a member? Sign up here and come use our coupon while supplies last! Get pouty lips or fill in deep facial lines – look your best this Spring!

We also now carry Juvederm Voluma for better cheek contour! Let Dr. Grawe help you reach your goals to look and feel younger!


Apr 05, 2014

SRINGTIME - Fresh Skin is in Bloom!

Spa Special Roxy Plastic Surgery 

Enjoy a Customized MICROLASER PEEL and DERMAPLANE to exfoliate your dull winter skin to diminish past sun damage and leave your skin glowing for spring.

$295 (a $450 value)

Purchase this package and receive a Neocutis Tumbler full of Exfoliating Cleanser and BioSerum for FREE! (a $80 value)

Refresh, Renew and Revitalize.

Get a radiant complexion for spring!

Call (614)764-7699 to schedule your appointment!

Spray Tan Fridays! (March, April, & May)

Mar 06, 2014

custom spray tan

Daylight Savings is coming up and the days are getting longer. Soon the weather will break and you'll be able to wear shorts and skirts - so get ready! It's time for custom spray tanning.

Every friday in spring, we are offering Spray Tan Fridays - $25 for our custom spray tan. Get your glow ready for the weekend!

Call (614)764-7699 to make an appointment.

Myth-Buster Monday

Feb 17, 2014

"In Canada a new study seems to say that women should not get mammograms to detect breast cancer. What do you recommend?"

Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe of ROXY Plastic Surgery has a lot to say about the subject. She was recently interviewed on ABC's Good Day Columbus to discuss why she believes women should still be getting mammograms.

It is a simple way to take a look inside the breast and detect cancer for women over 40 years old. It is the ONLY way to find a cancer that is not palpable (you can't feel it). Even women with no other breast symptoms should be getting yearly mammograms.  Dr. Grawe also contributed to a newspaper article on the same subject last Friday in the Columbus Dispatch.  

Kissable Lips for Valentine’s Day 2014

Feb 01, 2014

The biggest date-night of the year is coming up so get ready to pucker up!

Whether you are seeing that new hot crush, spending the night in with your hubby, or just going out with the girls – you deserve sensational lips you want to show off!

lip augmentation, plastic surgery

Men notice eyes and lips first on the face. Whether aging has changed your lips, or you just want something better – Lip augmentation with Juvederm can get you soft, kissable lips.

A few things change how our lips look as we age:

1. The outline of the lip (medical term: “white roll”) becomes less defined – it fades, so that the lip is not separated well from the face skin.

2. The lips lose their pink color as the blood vessels narrow with age (or even more with smoking!!). This also decreases the definition from the surrounding skin.

3. Finally, the lips actually get thinner over time, rolling inward and becoming finer.

Lip augmentation with filler does not have to give you huge lips (which many women are afraid of). This simple office procedure can make your lips look noticeably younger, fuller, and better defined. Kissable!

Many women are worried they will look fake with office lip enhancement. This happens when the injector fills only the upper portion of the lip and the area above appears flat so that the lip sticks out similar to a duck bill – the Duck Lip. This looks fake and stiff. Dr. Grawe’s technique creates a beautiful shape to the lip, filling it out in the proper proportion so that the lips look natural and full.

How does she do it?

• First you are numbed so that the procedure is completely pain-free and ice is placed on the lips to decrease swelling and bruising.

Dr. Grawe begins using a very small needle to outline the upper and lower lip to create definition. This will give the look of a natural color lip liner.

• She then augments the lip to achieve fullness and create a feminine shape. This is tailored differently for each person to enhance the natural shape of the lips or to simply create natural curves for a flattened lip.

Augmented lips which are soft and natural are the perfect palate for red lip gloss, your little black dress and lots of Valentine’s Day kisses!

Summer Bodies are made in the Winter

Jan 22, 2014

cosmetic surgery, summer body

You are at the gym working hard. You are eating right and drinking less. But what about the stuff you can’t fix on your own? Here is our list of things you might want to start during the cold weather to get bathing-suit ready:

1. Laser Hair Removal – this quick treatment can get you hair free in all those bathing suit revealing areas: Bikini, Underarms, and Legs. Permanent hair removal takes 3-8 treatments about a month apart, so you need to start now to be summer-ready. No more dry shaving as fast as you can before running after the kids to the pool. You’ll be ready anytime!

2. Start your skin care regimen – if you want glowing skin, you should work on it now! Every woman over the age of 25 should be using a medical grade eye cream and Retin-A. This will not only prevent wrinkles in the future, but it will also clear up your skin and make you look flawless by warmer weather. Schedule your FREE skin care evaluation with our aesthetician to learn more about YOUR specific skin care needs!

3. Mommy Make-over time – you can’t get rid of loose belly skin no matter how hard you work out. And there aren’t any special exercises to “increase your bust” (“we must… we must…”) so this is the time to explore your cosmetic surgery options. Dr. Grawe is currently offering complimentary cosmetic consultations in her Columbus office. We have 3D breast augmentation imaging and can show you what breast or buttock implants look and feel like. Get ready to look amazing in your bathing suit this summer!

4. If you can’t tone it, tan it! – You don’t have to wait for warm weather to look sun-kissed. Tanning in a tanning bed promotes wrinkles and skin cancer, but custom spray tans can moisturize your skin and you’ll look like you just came back from vacation in the Bahamas! You can get your “base coat” instantly at ROXY Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Grawe is instrumental in new Breast Cancer Reconstruction Legislation in Ohio!

Jan 20, 2014

breast reconstruction bill

Governor John Kasich has signed Substitute House Bill 147 which will become a law in Ohio next month. This bipartisan bill requires all surgeons who take care of breast cancer patients to assure that those patients are appropriately referred for reconstruction so that they can learn about their breast reconstruction options. A study of breast surgeons in America showed that only 30% of patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer and have to undergo mastectomy surgery to remove the breast, are having reconstruction. The number one reason? They are not informed that this is an option!

Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe began writing letters to the members of the Ohio House of Representatives and State Senate over 2 years ago after reading this study. She realized that breast cancer patients were not hearing of their options for breast reconstruction and was often seeing patients for reconstruction years after their cancer surgery. These women told her that they didn’t know they could have a reconstruction on the same day as their breast removal. They had lived for a long time without feeling whole, using a heavy breast prosthesis or wearing padded bras. Dr. Grawe had to find a way to let patients know that there were other options!

Representative Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) took interest in the bill as his own mother had led a fight against breast cancer. When the bill passed it was named the “Lizzie B. Byrd Act” in her recognition. During the signing, Governor Kasich listened as Dr. Grawe explained how important this legislation will be for women in Ohio and future patients with breast cancer. “It is a triumph for breast cancer patients who will now know and understand their options completely” says Dr. Grawe. She adds “It is great to see how we, as individuals can make a difference locally and in our state with our democratic system. It was neat to see the Governor excited about making Oho better for these women”.

Myth-Buster Monday

Jan 14, 2014

"Can I use breast implants to get a breast lift?"

Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe’s answer: No, you really can’t. – A breast lift (mastopexy) and a breast augmentation are two different procedures which achieve totally different goals. Although they can be done together to create a fuller, lifted, perky breast – you cannot lift your breast with an implant.

A breast augmentation involves using an implant (silicone or saline) to enlarge the breast. Some women think or hope that a breast implant will lift their breast or move the nipple up to the middle of their breast but it absolutely does not do this. Breast implants are a great way to enlarge your breasts if you have small breasts. And a breast augmentation can also fill in the upper portion of the breast which is often lost after pregnancy or breast feeding, making the breast look full and younger. The scar can be in the fold, around the areola (the dark part around your nipple) or in your underarm. These are usually well hidden and not noticeable. Breast augmentation can make you fit into clothing better and have renewed confidence.

A Mastopexy or breast lift is a procedure performed for breast ptosis or sagging breasts. You can check if you have sagging breasts with a simple “pencil test”. Take a pencil and put it along the fold under your breast (inframammary fold). If your nipple is below the line of the pencil, you have breast ptosis. Often women who have breast ptosis have an elongated and almost oval shaped breast which is flat on top. A breast lift will create a more round breast which is lifted and perky with the nipple in the center of the breast. This does not make your breast truly smaller but it does pull the breast up on the chest and often women think their breasts feel smaller because they are not hanging down anymore. A mastopexy has more scars than a breast augmentation but most women think the scars are very worth it for the new shape that can be achieved – most lifts have a scar around the areola (the dark part around your nipple) and depending on how much must be lifted, there is also a lollipop scar and an anchor scar. Dr. Grawe will be able to tell you what scar would be best for you during a private, personalized consultation. Scars on your breast heal very well and fade over time. Mastopexy can give you a lovely lifted beautiful breast.

Why would someone want both a breast lift and a breast augmentation? Women who want larger breasts and have sagging will want to have both procedures. Also, women who are having a lift but also are missing fullness on the top of their breast will want to add an implant for upper pole fullness creating a more youthful appearance.

Aspire to be… lifted and full!

If you have a question or a "myth" you would like busted, by Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe, send it through our contact section on this website and look for your answer to be posted on this page and our facebook page: